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(NOTE: You will need to download the j2re plugin for your browser inorder to guarantee correct execution of the following applets on your computer.)


Variations on John Conway's Game of Life
   Mutant Life
   One of many variations of the GOL.  Color rules added to explore 
different types of emergent phenomenon.  
Genetic    Algorithms
   The Travelling Salesman
   A simple demonstration of genetic algorithms. The classic Travelling Salesman,
whose running time using a brute force algorithm is O(n!), is no match for our GA.  30 datapoints
are randomly generated on a cartesian graph, and the GA goes to work to find the shortest
traversal of these 30 points.  The solution is illustrated graphically.  The GA model I used was:  CrossOver, Mutation,
Fitness Function, and Insertion.
Swarm    Intelligence 
   Smart Automoton
An attempt to capture the essence of Swarm behaivor.  After starting the applet, click the left mouse button
over the canvas to leave food for the automoton to forage.  A primitive messaging system between the automoton
aids in bringing the swarm to the resource rich areas on the map.  The automoton are also fond of the mouse :)
Game    Simulation 
 A simulation of multiplayer BlackJack.  Each player is equipped with knowlegde of "basic strategy" in a 1 deck shoe
of vanilla BlackJack.  Also, each player couples a hi-lo card counting technique into their betting strategy.  Over
time, the central theory of probability exercises the very minor advantage the player has over the house, and the
players "stash" will reflect this advantage.